Huntsville, AL | Remote

Contract to Hire

Digital Community Manager

Responsible for the management and development of REV’s online community and handling all aspects of the communication taking place between the company and consumers/staff online within our platforms. As part of this role, you will oversee the daily operations of our digital leaders’ group. This role requires a strategic and creative thinker with exceptional organizational skills and the ability to work independently. You will be instrumental in nurturing a vibrant community of leaders committed to fostering meaningful connections in their respective spheres.

Pay Range: $30-$52 per hour depending on experience

Location: Position is Remote
Employment Type: Contract to Hire


  • Community Management and Engagement: Monitor and engage with the group, facilitating discussions, and ensuring a positive, dynamic, and productive environment.
  • Content Creation and Strategy: Assist in developing and implementing strategies for the user experience, including creating and curating relevant and impactful content.
  • External Marketing Planning and Execution: Assist in creating a marketing plan and strategy for reaching leaders through other existing platforms, i.e., LinkedIn, Meta, Google.
  • Event Coordination: Organize and oversee virtual events, workshops, and webinars, ensuring smooth execution and high member engagement.
  • Member Support: Act as the first point of contact for member inquiries, providing prompt and helpful responses.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Monitor group analytics to assess engagement levels and provide regular reports on community health and growth.
  • Feedback Collection: Implement mechanisms to gather member feedback and suggest improvements based on insights gained.
  • Collaboration with Leadership: Work closely with the leadership teams to align group activities with overall organizational goals.

Required Experience

  • 2+ years of digital community management.
  • Highly familiar with social platforms.

Required Skills

  • Strategic and Creative Thinking: Ability to develop innovative approaches to community engagement and problem-solving.
  • Organizational Skills: Strong project management and multitasking abilities.
  • Content Creation: Experience in creating engaging digital content (written, visual, video).
  • Digital Savvy: Proficient with social media platforms, community management tools, and analytics.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Self-Starter: Ability to work independently and take initiative.
  • Background in Leadership/Community Building: Prior experience in digital community management, leadership training, or related fields is highly desirable.


  • Able to design and edit graphic elements in Canva, Adobe or other design softwares
  • Experience with Asana